Alter Ego

Helsingin yliopiston roolipeliyhdistys

Roleplaying association of University of Helsinki

14.-16.7: Sotahuuto

It is time to sign up for Sotahuuto!

Sotahuuto is the largest boffering event in Finland will be held in Muurame this year. 600 participants will face each other in huge battles in forests and fields.
Duration: Friday to Sunday 15.-16.7
Accommodation: tents in the event area.
The event is beginner friendly.

The event costs 40€ but for first timers it is 20€
you can sign up at to our team E.G.O. You need to sign up this week if you want to buy the event catering.

Link to the event website:

There is also a separate Telegram channel for E.G.O’s Sotahuuto goers so we can discuss car rides, trains, food, tents, etc:

Also the sooner you buy a train ticket to Jyväskylä the cheaper it is.

If you need help with anything, message Staiven on discord.